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Student prisons (Karzer)


Only the latest two of the University's various student prisons (Karzer), a summer and a winter Karzer, have remained. They are located quite inconspicuously in the University Tower of today's collegiate building I.

In the history of the University, student prisons (Karzer) have a long tradition. Shortly after the founding of the University in 1460, disciplinary laws were enacted to punish university members for any infractions.

The Karzer were used in this capacity until the end of the empire. The Karzer punishment was abolished in 1920 at the University, typically against the declared will of the student union ASTA. Hereafter, the latest two rooms fell more and more into oblivion and were used in various ways - partly as a library room, as a meeting and conference room and finally as a workroom for assistants.

Student prisons (Karzer)


On the occasion of the University Anniversary in 2007, the two student prisons were restored by the university building authority – to the extend deemed possible - and with the help of donations from alumni, they were refurnished and equipped in the style of the historical furnishings. Since then, they have served visitors as a vivid example of these customs, which are regarded as rather peculiar nowadays.

The student prisons can only be visited in special tours.

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