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Uniseum Freiburg


The Uniseum Freiburg was founded on the initiative of Wolfgang Jäger, the rector at that time, and opened on July 5, 2004. When it was founded, the Uniseum was the first university museum of its kind in Germany.

The term "Uniseum" is a neologism and can be derived from university and museum.


Exhibition Concept


The Uniseum Freiburg is designed as a guided museum and is located on the site of the first university building in what is now the "Old University". The permanent exhibition area extends over two floors and presents the history of science and of the University from its beginnings in the 15th century until today.

The first floor is divided into two exhibition areas. The first units give a chronological outline of the last six centuries since the foundation. The rear area, on the other hand, focuses on various scientific fields of the University and its successes.

Since 2007, the historic vaulted cellar has supplemented the exhibition space of the Uniseum. The architectural complex itself conveys the changing history. Moreover, various areas of student life are presented.

The forum on the first floor and the "small ceremonial hall" in the Uniseum's historic vaulted cellar also make the museum a place of exchange and encounter for (educational) events and special celebrations.


Accessibility in the Premises


The exhibition area on the first floor of the Uniseum is barrier-free for visitors. A wheelchair-accessible toilet is also available in the entrance area.

The historic vaulted cellar is unfortunately only accessible via stairs.