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Uniseum promotes dialogue


The Uniseum Freiburg shows the intensive connection between city and university history within the strained relationship of cooperation and conflict. To this end, those responsible have put together a diverse program that is primarily intended to promote dialog with the citizenry. For example, "showcases of knowledge" are planned: short-term pop-up exhibitions of exhibits from the University collections that will take place in shop windows as well as in public institutions. The motto "Uniseum goes public", on the other hand, involves a series of thematic guided tours that delve into individual aspects of the city and university history. Among others, the city walks will take visitors to the University's historic buildings and the professors' graves in the Old Cemetery. Furthermore, there is a special guided tour called "UniversitätStadt Freiburg" (University City Freiburg), which takes a closer look at the close links between the city and the University. In addition, the aka Film Club will present rare historical film footage of Freiburg in the Uniseum.


"We want to make the Uniseum a lively place where the city and the University meet. The 900th anniversary, which is important for both the city of Freiburg and the University of Freiburg, is an ideal occasion." Sandra Haas, Curator of the Uniseum Freiburg


Published in German in uni'alumni 2020 (p.31)