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Collections in the Depot


The Uniseum has numerous collections that are not on display and are in storage.

These museum items are recorded in the database of the University of Freiburg Archive and can be viewed there. Borrowing is only possible in exceptional cases.

If you have any questions, please contact

The following link leads to the database of the University of Freiburg Archive as well as all usage instructions for research.




  • M0001  Anatomical-anthropological collection (Prov. Alexander Ecker, et al.)
  • M0002  Preparation cabinet with specimens
  • M0003  Instrument and microscope collection Sander, Zoological Institute
  • M0004  Paintings and drawings (small format)
  • M0005  Paintings and drawings (large format)
  • M0006  Church utensils of the University Chapel (Jesuitica)
  • M0007  Studentica
  • M0008  Gowns of all faculties, of the rector and beadles
  • M0009  Furniture (since the 18th century)
  • M0010  Exhibition boards on the construction of KG II (before 1957)
  • M0011  Paper objects
  • M0012  Small objects of university history
  • M0013  Small scientific equipment
  • M0014  Large scientific equipment
  • M0015  Teaching aids of the gynecological clinic and midwifery school (around 1900)
  • M0016  Models of the Institute of Anatomy
  • M0017  Forest zoological objects
  • M0018  Memorabilia and gifts of the Anniversary in 2007
  • M0019  Hospitality gifts
  • M0020  Panels of a photo exhibition by Telemach Wiesinger
  • M0021  Glass equipment
  • M0022  Studentica collection Thomas Eisinger
  • M0023  Wall mosaic from the Old University (probably by Nay)
  • M0024  Bone finds of human remains